If you are in search of a taste of tradition, Paprie Restaurant in Quetta Cantt may be just the place. Located on Sarwar Road, opposite the Nadra Office, Paprie Restaurant offers an exciting dining experience in a spirited atmosphere.

Paprie Restaurant Menu

One highlight of Paprie Restaurant is its creative menu. Open every evening from 5 PM to 2 AM, the restaurant dishes up a variety of traditional food options that begin at a very affordable price of 60 PKR, going up to 350 PKR per item. You can relish their Paprie Special Chaat or Dahi Balley, dig into their Chicken Shawarma or Roll Paratha, or indulge in their unique Multani Nashta. The eatery also serves a range of tempting desserts like the Rus Malai, Crispy Grato Jalebi, and their special Rabri Falooda.

Engaging Events

Paprie Restaurant goes beyond just food, hosting special events that resonate with the local culture and festivities. A recent event arranged for Eid offered more than just their usual fare, as illustrated in their Instagram post: "Embrace the festive spirit of Eid with joyous celebrations at Paprie stall. Discover Mehndi, Bangles, Earrings, and more to elevate your Eid festivities!"

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Customers' Thoughts

Despite its appealing menu and vibrant ambiance, Paprie Restaurant has faced some criticism. Many families have voiced concerns about the lack of adequate space and proper arrangements for families. One customer, Meer Hassan, felt that the restaurant was "Not a place for family. Must be divider for Male and Families."

Awais Khan suggested improvements in service, noting it was "very slow." These issues highlight the need for the management to address these concerns to make the dining experience more enjoyable for families.


While Paprie Restaurant offers a delightful culinary journey with its traditional food, events, and late-night hours, it does face some challenges. Addressing these customer concerns, improving their service, and creating a more family-friendly atmosphere could turn the Restaurant into the go-to spot for everyone in Quetta.

The establishment has the potential to blend the essence of tradition and the pace of modern times seamlessly, creating an unforgettable dining experience for its guests.

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