Jaan Broast Quetta is of the best place to dine-in and food ordering as the place is specifically for chicken lovers the Varity of tasty dishes specially their Chicken Biryani and Chicken Rolls are their top of the world dishes. The restaurant is most of the time full and have crowded because it is in the middle of city and near to every market so when someone visiting market they know where to stop for lunch or a small break. People of Quetta knows where to sit and enjoy the delicious food that comes under their budget and match their taste. Jaan Broast Quetta menu has number of different types of dishes like Beef Pulao, Chowmein, Chicken shashlik and Grilled Fish.

 Jaan Broast Quetta Menu

Jaan Broast offer best chicken dishes from Chicken Rolls, Chicken Shawarma Rolls, Chicken BBQ, Chicken Broast, Tikka & Their Biryani is top of the list. Also have Zinger Burger, Cheese Burger & Jaan Special Soup. Jaan Broast Quetta also have a dine-in separately for Families, Its good to have a place where you can take your family for dinner and specially if that place is near to your home.

Jaan Broast Quetta Number

Jaan Broast Quetta offers free delivery above the order of 1000 Pakistani Rupees and charge minimum 100 rupees around the city. They are not available on any food delivery apps so you can not order from their but you can call on their phone number.

Phone Number:  (081) 2669900


JBQ has only one branch that is located on "Prince Road Quetta, opposite Khudaidad Road."  apart from that there is no location around the city.

You can also follow the map to find their location.

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More Information

If you need any more information related to Jaan Broast you can contact me directly on our Contact us page. We will be updating the menu and prices of Jaan Broast time to time.

Phone Number

(081) 2669900


Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan

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